Changing Young Children's
Lives For Good

Give A Child Life Kenya


The mission of Give A Child Life Kenya (GCLK) is to help save the lives of children age five and under. Working in urban slums, GCLK provides urgently needed food, medicine, health care, child care and other necessities to reduce children's hunger and promote healthy growth. GCLK also works with parents and caregivers to help create a better life. GCLK has been a legally registered nonprofit organization with the NGO Board since 2010. Currently its activities are focused in Kiandutu, a large slum in Thika.

GCL Kenya Goals

1. Reduce mortality rates for children age five and under.
2. Increase food security for young children.
3. Improve children's health.
4. Improve parents' abilities to care for their children.
5. Strengthen communities through creating social support and other networks.


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GCL Kenya Activities

In GCLK communities, village elders and community leaders are the links to families and children in need. They not only identify those in crisis, they also help design programs, deliver services and monitor effectiveness. They know their communities well and GCLK depends upon them. Together, we provide....

  • Daily hot meals to children age three and under who are too young for preschool.
  • Supplemental food for malnourished infants and toddlers. From its chickens and gardens, GCLK gives eggs, vegetables and milk to babies and other young children suffering the devastating effects of sickness and hunger.
  • Fees to send children from ages 3 to 5 to preschool, where they receive hot lunches. When single mothers or fathers need to work and can't care for their children, GCLK makes sure the children are looked after and fed.
  • Holiday feeding programs for young children when preschools are closed. During the month-long holidays, GCLK fixes a nutritious hot lunch.
  • Porridge to infant care centers run by local women in their homes.
  • Emergency food and medicine to children in crisis. GCLK's goal is that no young child in our communities should miss a meal or go without medicine because a parent can't afford it.
  • Water filters to help children who suffer constant diarrhea and sickness from drinking contaminated water.
  • Health monitoring for young children in partnership with the local health center, which weighs and measures the children regularly and provides Vitamin A and de-worming pills.
  • Micro grants and small business training to parents struggling as small vendors.
  • Social and peer support groups in which community members can work together to tackle issues to improve the quality of life for their young children.


Door Step Gardens

Why Door Step Gardens?

In Kenya, bag gardens began in refugee camps around 2003, as a way to help feed thousands of people. The concept arrived in Nairobi in 2008, when the French government funded bag gardens to increase food security in slums affected by political violence. In May 2013, GCL staff and volunteers launched DoorStep Gardens at GCL's Shamba La Watoto compound in Kiandutu. Learn More...