Changing Young Children's
Lives For Good

Mabati Bulbs

In Kiandutu, Kenya, many homes are pitch black, even during the day, with few lights or windows. GCL's MABATI BULB project is bringing light to the children and families of Kenya.

What Are Mabati Bulbs?

Mabati Bulbs are solar lights made of used, 2 liter Coke bottles filled with water and a bit of bleach, then glued into a hole cut into a home's iron sheet roof. Lasting two to five years, the bottle light refracts the sun's rays into the dark room below, functioning like a 55 watt bulb without costing a penny. THIS IS A ZERO CARBON EMITTING SOLAR LIGHTING PROJECT MADE FROM RE-USED PLASTIC SODA BOTTLES.

Watch Installing A Mabati Bulb

For detailed instructions on the solar bulb installation Click Here

GCL has already installed 1000+ bottle lights in local schools and homes in Kenya's informal settlements.

Benefits Of Mabati Bulbs

  • Children can see their toys, books and faces in their homes.
  • Mothers can safely cook indoors and prevent their children from being burned, a common occurrence.
  • Mothers can see to clean their homes.
  • Light makes children and parents "feel better."
  • Germs, including those carrying tuberculosis, die within minutes when exposed to natural UV light.
  • Families save money by not having to pay for electricity.

GCL, in consultation with the director of the Kiandutu Health Clinic, installed Mabati Bulbs in the homes of all families with TB to reduce the disease incidence. Others targeted for solar bulbs include children and families with HIV, pregnant mothers, lactating mothers, and local preschools and schools.