Changing Young Children's
Lives For Good

Our Mission

Founded in 2007, Give A Child Life (GCL) is dedicated to helping save the lives of infants and toddlers in low-income countries by providing food, medicine, child care, and other vital necessities that ensure children's survival and facilitate physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth.

GCL goals are to:

1. Reduce mortality rates for children 5 and under.
2. Improve children's lives through providing nutritious food, medicine and care.
3. Help parents better care for their children.
4. Help communities better care for their children.
5. Increase global awareness of young children's needs.

GCL is a small, grassroots organization that works with existing resources and talent. We rely upon local leaders to identify the neediest families and together we create programs to help. We have almost no overhead and almost 100% of donations go to services for children and their families. Currently GCL works in Kenya.

Core GCL Values

  • Focus on basic needs.
  • Work through one-on-one relationships.
  • Tailor services to individual family needs.
  • Work in close partnership with community leaders.
  • Implement small-scale, targeted activities as simple as providing $3 for a mother to buy a tray of eggs to sell.
  • Allow families and communities to define their own needs.
  • Use research-based findings in child development, community assistance and behavior change to design programs.
  • Measure how well programs work with pre/post assessments such as changes over time in children's heights and weights or family income.
  • Provide donors with regular communication that honestly and openly describes GCL's struggles and successes.
  • Believe that helping others is a basic human need.