Changing Young Children's
Lives For Good

What Life is Like for Our Children

  • Live in violent neighborhoods.
  • Lack basic services such as tap water, toilets, electricity or heat. Many homes lack furniture. The children sleep on folded cardboard.
  • Parents often lock their children in the home when they leave to find work.
  • Impossible to keep living spaces clean. No soap or cleaning products and very limited water. Walls and floors are often made of mud or materials such as cardboard. Insects, bugs, rats and mice are common.
  • Because of the dirt, skin conditions are frequent, especially among young children.
  • Cooking is done on an open flame; many children suffer burns. This causes indoor air pollution that can lead to respiratory problems, other health issues and death.
  • No clean water is available. Families are supposed to boil water for 10 minutes, but firewood is expensive.
  • Rooms are small and many adults and children live in one room.
    Contagious diseases including HIV/AIDS and respiratory infections spread easily.
  • Food is bought as needed. If a family has no money, they don't eat.
  • Families have no antibiotics, pain relievers or other basic medicines when children fall sick.
  • Families pile up used clothing for warmth. Blankets, if owned, are thin and dirty.
  • Nights are dark and scary. Few families have electricity. A family may have one kerosene lamp that burns for a short time during the evening. Crime rates are high.